Pre-blast for Tuesday, March 24th Virtual Beatdow

QIC- Goob

5 Core Principles-

  1. held outside, rain or shine, heat or cold, humidity or running in clouds
  2. led in a rotating fashion by idiots like me
  3. free to all
  4. open to all men of all walks
  5. ends in a virtual circle of trust/prayer

Today’s message- I do not want to downplay the severity of what we are all facing; I also do not want to overblow it.  These are unprecedented times causing significant fear and irrational behavior (see toilet paper shortage).  Like many of you, I’ve taken the last 8+ days to slow down and enjoy all of the many blessings I’ve been given.  Not three weeks ago, my M and I were discussing the complete insanity of our lives- we were nearly out of control with overcrammed calendars and maniacal obligations.  And here’s the thing as many of you who know me know- I am great at saying no.  It’s actually a strength of mine.  Despite that, our life was borderline out of control.  No time to truly enjoy one another.  No time to enjoy the beautiful home God’s blessed us with.  No time to even enjoy something as simple as a family meal or a walk together.  My family has undoubtedly grown closer in the last 8+ days.  While I do not want Covid-19 to linger for much longer by any means, and I do miss our time in the gloom together, I am taking time to enjoy the present.  I am blessed to still be employed by a company that truly seems to care for its people.  I am blessed with an amazing M and 2 healthy children.  I am blessed to have been introduced to F3 nearly 18 months ago.  To sum this diatribe up, a Tauren Wells message hit home recently.  (Yes, to those of you wondering with all of his recent quotes I’ve thrown out there, I may have a man-crush on him; it’s cool.)  Anywho, Tauren says, “My awareness of His presence determines my access to Him.”  I encourage you all (and myself) to feel God’s presence through this season.  I have.  My family has.  And I promise to continue that trend.

**Now, to kick your sitting at home, cookie eating, butts.  Put your big girl pants on and buckle up.  Enjoy the “presents” bestowed upon you.

Disclaimer- modify as necessary because there will be sweat (and maybe tears from some of you)

The Warmup:

  • 1/4 mile mozy to include NUR, buttkickers, and side shuffles each way
  • 10 SSH IC
  • 10 Imperial Walkers IC (compliments of my 2.0 Bailey)
  • 10 Strawberry Pickers IC
  • 10 Arm circles forward
  • 10 Arm circles backward (if you know me by now, you know you’ll need your arms, chest, and shoulders)
  • 10 Michael Kelly’s (I mean, Phelps)
  • Bad back stretch sequence

The Thang, Part 1:

  • 11’s
    • Set a distance, roughly 10 yards apart and perform the following to exercises as such
      • 1 Big Boy Situp/10 Navy Seals (see demonstration video; yes they suck, yes you can thank Rowdy for these)
      • 2 Big boys/9 Navy Seals
      • 3 Big boybs/8 Navy Seals
      • etc, etc,
      • 10 big boys/1 Navy Seal

The Thang, Part 2:

  •  100’s- 3 exercises, broken into sets of 10 each with a 100 yard dash as a break
    • 10 Diamond Merkins
    • 10 Calf Raises
    • 10 Parker Peters (compliments of my beautiful M)
    • 100 yard sprint
      • **REPEAT 10 TIMES**

The Finishing Thang: (compliments of JackRabbit)

  •  3 minute plank
  • 1 minute Superman

I truly miss the gloom with you all.  I may be breaking some rules but enjoy the beatdown in the driveway with my family.  Enjoy the destruction this morning.

Also, if you are interested… Tauren Wells quick read/discussion is below-

Peace out men!


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