Post Easter Bunny Tuesday

Conditions 58 with low humidity!

Mozi normal great stuff. High knees, butt kickers, Nur, kerioke and jog.

Warm up more usual good stuff.

SSH, Strawberry pickers, wind mills, swimmers, arm circles and BBS.

The Thang

The Pax enjoyed 10 exercises listed below. 20 of each and only 10 burpees.


Overhead claps

Air Squats


Carolina dry docks


American Hammers


Mountain climbers


Of course, in between each exercise we ran a path and then completed either 5 step ups or 10 triceps dips. Then you came back to the exercise board and repeat the first exercise before you could start the next one.


Prayers for Raider an Puck on their across the country Bus ride adventure.

Mopar had a praise for taking part in a Easter celebration at  Texas Jail!!

Mr. Miyagi was a guest all the way from Illinois.

Sorry if I forgot something.

Jimmy Dean