Plankton (or ton of planks)

Weather was perfect for a good sweat …

7 PAX showed up for a beatdown which proved to be fun and challenging

Disclaimer was short since we had no FNG’s but we went over the:

C. omplimentary

O. utdoors

R. otating fashion

E. nd in COT



Off for a Mosey which included the usual high knees, butt kickers, karaoke and NUR

Finished at the Tower and discussed that since today was the 26th of the month (which would play a factor later in the beatdown) it was important for me since in 15 months I can retire. But enough about me.

SSH’s (26)

Strawberry pickers (15)

Plank position 1. Right leg (4 count) x5

2. Left leg (4 count) x5

3. Kick backs (4 count) x5

4. Mountain Climber (4 count) x5

Bad Back Stretch



  1. TO the tune “Ain’t no Sunshine” — Bill Withers

Plank Position — hold plank (alternating shoulder taps, reach outs)

Every time Bill says “I know” do a merkin (26 in a row)

Hold plank (alternating shoulder taps, reach outs) to end of song

Ascend Tower to 4th floor and return


2. To the tune Of  “Fat Bottom Girls” — Queen

Pickle Pointers (laying on back thrust pickle to the sky) 26 count

LBC’s 26 count

Pickle Pounders (In a elbow plank thrust pickle into ground) 26count

repeat for entire song … a lot tougher than you think .. wifes will thank you for this one

Run tower again


3. LOVE PLANK  to the tune of “Cupid Shuffle” — similar to electric slide

Warm ups come into play here … for entire song

Hold Plank position and to the beat do your 4 to the right … 4 to the left.. 4 kick backs .and then mountain climbers … rinse and repeat 3 minutes feels like for ever. Some had more rhythm than others … OBVIOUSLY

Run tower again


4. To the tune “Bicycle Race” — Queen

On your six(6) Alternating Freddy Mercuries (Slow and Fast) Reverse Freddy Mercuries, Flutter kics and Leg raisers for the entire song

Run tower again


5. TubThumpees

We all get knocked down in life and we all need to get right back up

So as we listen to the entire song by Chumbawumba and you know it … in the irish accent …”I get knocked down but I get up again” we simulated getting knocked down and getting right back up by doing Burpee’s … in between verses SSH’ and Squats waitng for more Burpees … yes like Thunderstruck but only 26 Burpees with this song

Run tower again … ending right at 0600hours


Care2Tri 5K (Nov 3rd) M’s and 2.0’s needed for water stop

Get effort By ALL