NBP Tower Suicides

On a “lovely” hot and humid Oct 22nd… enough already time to turn summer off 🙂

The traditional NBP mosy around the bridges and circling up in the parking lot for some warm ups

The Thang

Suicides were on the menu this morning and might as well us what little hills we have around to do them. We broke up into 2 groups in order to have one group go up one side of the parking lot and one group go up the other side.

With 4 cones as markers (each about 30 feet apart) was time to start the suicides, between each round of suicides was one minute of shoulder exercises.

Merkins, Moroccan NC’s, Shoulder Taps, OH Claps…

Rinse and repeat switching hills

When the suicides were done it was time for some core exercises at each one of the cones.

20 Reverse Crunches

20 Side Planks

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Flutters

20 Freddy Mercuries (extra credit for some)


We had the return of an FNG from last week who just disappeared the week before but came back for more this week… he was named Houdini 🙂