Make Unconditional Great Again

5  pax gathered together on this gloomy morning already with the thick feel and smell of summer. Unconditional has been a bit lonely so I was excited to see some familiar faces ready to tackle the John Ringling Bridge. A quick disclaimer was covered and we moseyed on out to the base of the bridge. We circled up and performed 15 strawberry pickers, 15 windmills, and a round of arm circles. We were going to need are legs and shoulders.  Wait a minute, who’s that coming in hot? That’s definitely Clutch with smoke coming off his shoes to make it six pax. After welcoming him to the beatdown we began the Thang.

Taking a page from Coop’s play book the Thang began.  We started at the bottom of the bridge with 25 merkins, double time to fourth street light and performed 25 LBc’s,  double time two street lights. We rinsed and repeated this to the top of the bridge and waited on the six. The pax then repeated the 4  light post 2 light post down the other side of the bridge changing our exercises to 25 dips after four poles and 10 big boy sit ups after two. Rinse and repeat to the bottom of the bridge. Once at the bottom we performed a hard mosey to the street light and waited on the six.  Once the six was in we moseyed to the other side of the street and strolled to the base of the bridge so as to catch our breath. It was once again time climb back up old Joh Ringling, this trip up we sprinted two light poles and walked one pole while performing Moroccan nightclubs. We rinsed and repeated this all the way to the top of the bridge and waited on the six. At the top Diesel commented on the beautiful skyline so we paused and took it in for a moment. After six was brought in we began our descent, same as our climb, sprint two light poles and walk one, performing shoulder claps while walking. Rinse and repeating to the bottom. Once the six was in we double timed back to the corner of John Ringling and 41 and then moseyed back to the statue. With 5 minutes left we burpee”d our way to the end. That sucked, not going to lie. What was I thinking, I hate burpee’s. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!

What a great morning, with unconditional being so quiet lately it was great to have a pack of HIM back in the gloom and all worked hard as we completed all the exercise’s and ran 2.66 miles, good work gentlemen! If you’ve never experienced the John Ringling bridge in the gloom you truly need to as it is an amazing place to put in some good  work.

We ended with a quick encouragement to stay consistent in the things that truly matter, allowing them to be our baseline. Everything woks out better when our base is in tact.


Announcements: Mostly chatter about how each had performed in the 5k the weekend before and to keep a look out for more runs to come.


Prayers: Consistency in our walk with the lord, our commitments to our families, and keeping our priorities in line.