Lug Those Coupons!

QIC: Chilipepper

13 Pax in attendance.  Lancelot, Snapshot, Condenser, BigMac, Slater, Diesel, Papa Smurf, Train, Steel, Trump, Ace, ShamWow, Chilipepper.

Weather: Nice… 78, Humidity, I don’t know but I was dripping (with sweat).

Week 4 of IronPax Challenge!  We made it quick as the beatdown may take us over the 45 min!

5 Core Principles….. Let’s Mozy!

Ran a lap with some butt kickers, carioca and nur.  Rounded up and did some SSH, Strawberry Pickers, Left leg + Right Leg + Middle Leg static stretch, and finished off with some arm cycles with danger of getting run over by oncoming traffic.

3 Round for Time

  • 100 Cumulative Merkins and/or Squats
  • 100 Yard Coupon Carry (200 Yards Total)
  • 100 Cumulative CouponSwings and/or BonnirBlairs (one leg = one rep)
  • 100 Yard Coupon Carry (200 Yards Total
  • 100 Cumulative CouponThrusters and/or TravelingLungeSteps (one leg = one rep)
  • 100 Yard Coupon Carry (200 Yards Total)

100 Yard = 109 meters


  • Laps for Life this Saturday!
  • Second F at the Rusty Bucket at 6pm on Wednesday
  • Second F at Burger Fi at noon on Friday
  • Last IronPax Workout Saturday at AP!

Praise/Prayer Reqests

  • Trumps’ Son Avianca
  • First Responders, Police and Armed Forces!