Lucky 7

“10 strong” posted for this 5:15 ‘VQ’

Weather … Cold for Florida

It all started as it should with the disclaimer and Core Principles(with a twist)

Complimentary, Outside, Rotating, End in COT….. Studs!!!


MOSEY (run only)  to the Moonlight Strip

High knees … down and back

(7) SSH’s IC

Butt Kickers .. down and back

(7) Strawberry Pickers IC

Karaoke … down and back

(7) Air Squats IC

Back Pedal … down and back.

    VQ — “VEGAS Q”

THANG … Royal Flush Casino

Pax split into groups of 2 or 3 (2 of a kind , 3 of a kind) according to their ability

Push yourself and gamble on your outcome

Lucky 7 — 3 sets of 7 mins

Team starts at bottom and runs all the way to the penthouse (level 6)

Teams perform (21) Vegas Night Clubs IC

Descend To level 4 … “5 Card Draw”  aka ‘Stud Poker’ (too many opportunities for mumble chatter)

Teams draw five cards from deck of cards … place them side by side then perform the exercises on the card (Suit represents exercise, # on card represents repetitions)

Descend to Level 2 … “Snake eyes” aka “Roll the Dice”

Teams rolled the pair of dice … having to perform the exercise presented … 1 dice had the exercise (merkins, LBC’s, Squats, Lunges etc) 1 dice had the duration (10,20,30 reps or 30,60,90 secs) the Pax determined if the wild card was rolled , that team would have to reascend to the penthouse and start over.

Descend to the lobby where time permitting the gamblers would try to push themselves back to the penthouse and then descend as far as they could before the 7 minute clock ran out.

Water Break

Set Two — 7 minutes

Water Break

Set Three — 7 minutes

Everyone pushed themselves to their limits, most gambled and were able beat the previous mark from the previous set. The beatdown was unique since no team experienced the same punishment because the teams gambled on each roll of the dice and each hand they were dealt.

“Addicting” is the word I use when talking (bragging) about my F3 family and experience. Addiction plays a major role in our community and possibly within us as a family but when we surround ourselves with strong men, with good cores, our ability to come out on the other side increases. F3 is a positive addition that needs to be experienced.  “F3 Lakewood” has changed me and I cannot thank each and everyone of you for making me feel, not only welcome, but give me a sense of belonging.