LT and Panther VQ

Football Theme
QIC – LT and Panther

• Run to Dog Park
• High knees
• Butt Kickers
• Karaoke (both ways)
• Nur
Warm Up:
• Merkins: X10 In Cadence
• Jump Jacks X20
• Leg stretches led by LT
• Michael Phelps
• Overhead arm stretches

Run to Basketball court

• Pair Off in groups of 1-2 (3 or 4)
• One person does Ripkens while others do SSH’s

Square Cones:
• 1st Lap = 10 Merkins at each cone –> (Mode of Transportation: Crab Walk)
• 2nd Lap = 20 Big Boy Sit Ups at each cone –> (Mode of Transportation: Bear Crawl)
• 3rd Lap = 30 LBC’s at each cone –> (Mode of Transportation: Lunges)

DORA 100:
• Pair off in groups of 2
• One runs to the cones while other does:
100 Salsa Dips
100 Monkey Humpers

Relay Race
Line up behind cones one team member runs around the cone while the others do salsa dips. Team that wins picks the exercise the other team needs to complete.