Love God, Love People…. and love yourself, kinda

QIC- Goob

Weather- very breezy and actually kind of nice

Pax- Snapshot, Steel, Wolverine, Kotter, Stagecoach, Pin Cushion, BP20, Red Card, Goob

At precisely 5:15:00 while the Pax were trying to figure out who was on Q, Goob barked out the 5 core principles and pled with the men to follow his lead for a mozy.  This was a slow lap with the occasional side shuffle, high knees, butt kickers, and short NUR perfectly interwoven to ensure optimal warm up.  The Pax circled up and performed the following in cadence:

  • 10 SSH
  • 10 Strawberry Pickers
  • 10 Abe Pagoda’s
  • 10 Imperial Walkers

and then the following OYO:

  • agitators
  • Michael Phelps
  • arm circles

Once everyone was thoroughly and properly warmed up and QIC had delayed the inevitable for long enough, the PAX headed for the base of the tower.

The Thang:

With all the crap on the news every time we turn on the news or look at social media, it can be tough to remember our calling.  QIC drives around in his own thoughts a lot at work and is left with sports talk radio and the Joy FM.  There is a song by Danny Gokey called “Love God, Love People” which is the official stance of Bayside Community Church as well.  With that in mind, Goob had recently crafted a workout based on that exact calling.  Of course, to sufficiently get the message across, the beating itself must suck in order to truly imprint upon the PAX mind for future recall.  Unfortunately, Goob jacked his foot up less than 48 hours before said beatdown so needed to modify things a little (i.e. eliminate running).  The few PAX in attendance did NOT complain and in fact, wished ill will upon Goob’s other foot to mitigate the beating at hand entirely.  Not to fear men, this beautiful reminder to Love God and Love People will be unveiled in the future in its full radiance to shine for all to see.   Each letter is assigned its own exercise and called for 25 reps.  The “O” was ONLY 10 reps.  PAX were encouraged to modify as necessary.  Without further ado:


One legged burpees


Exile Merkins

Gas Pumps

One legged burpees



Low Country Crab

One legged burpees


Evander Holyfield’s

Pickle pounders

El Capitan

One legged burpees

Parker Peters

LL Cool J (also only 10 reps performed- that’s MORE than enough)

Exile Merkins


For those wandering what a couple of the unusual exercises are above, you’ll find out soon enough.  They are fun.  Unexpectedly, there was no early 2000’s gangsta rap blaring at concert level so we were left with gasps for air as our background music/motivation.  All PAX finished in time for some OYO EC and one round of Mary.  Thank you Stagecoach for 25 Carolina Dry Docks.   After it was all said and done, the PAX had not only Love(d) God, Love(d) People, they also loved themselves by getting after this fine gloom and winning the morning.

The message remains simple.  Love God, Love People.


  1. Iron Pax challenge- sign up, do it
  2. Nolan workout is at Publix off Lorraine and University tomorrow


  1. Fine morning, health, breath in our lungs, and the ability to sharpen iron


  1. Littany of injuries amongst our PAX
  2. Lori, Ben, and those still fighting cancer
  3. First responders, Firefighters, Law Enforcement
  4. Kids in school, their parents, the teachers and administrators

Thank you guys for the opportunity to lead, gimpy foot and all.  It is always an honor.