Just us and the Pavement

Weather: a little muggy with temp at 61F and dew point at 60F. Nevertheless, a good day for a run.

Welcome: at 0515, YHC greeted the Excalibur (who put in a mile or so by arriving 15-min early) and away we went.

The Thang: With four straight weeks of high-intensity repeats and intervals at this AO, YHC thought it best to dial back a bit for a few weeks to consolidate the gains and keep the pax from injury. Today’s workout goal was to complete 7-ish miles at easy pace while working-in 8 x 30-second strides at goal 5K pace. After some very demanding efforts, this felt like a breeze. Smooth and free was the mantra. We accomplished the goal with several trips over the bridge, completing strides on every uphill and every straightaway. It felt great.

The fellowship was excellent as conversation flowed from M’s to fishing, shopping, kids and of course racing. Excalibur has the Porchlight 5K at the end of April that he’s targeting, while YHC has the Coastal Delaware Marathon on April 14th. The Green Bridge has been key to getting us more fit, and these upcoming races are a chance to see if the recent tough efforts are legit or just smoke-and-mirrors. YHC believes they’re legit.

All told, completed just over 7 miles, of which over a mile was at targeted 5K pace. It was fun.


  1. Joey’s Revenge on Friday at NBP, YHC Q. It will be fun.

Praises / Requests:

  1. First responders.

Thankful for the opportunity to Q at this AO.

“To do what others cannot do, do what others will not do.”