Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?

10-MAR-2020 Wawa Cycling AO

Weather: 65 degrees, pleasant and DARK (after time change)
PAX: Brutus, Cottontail, Sniper, Yamaha
Another light showing as some of the typical cycling pax continues to prepare for Grow Ruck 18 (and Pincher continues recovery).  Mostly sending out this backblast (late) so I can claim to have had another Q, to whine about my flat tire and praise Bing (and Sniper) for my rescue.

Pre-ride: Usual announcements with only significant note that Cottontail remains on the fence for Grow Ruck.  Prayers for Lori and Sarah, injured pax, and Sniper acquaintance Jimmy Rhodes (??) and family, as Jimmy passed very recently in an airboat accident and leaves a wife and young children.

The pax took off at 6:03, with the road bike boys setting the pace as usual and QIC behind on the fat tire bike at a pretty good pace >17mph.  Sarasota County is doing a wonderful job of watering Lorraine Rd south of University – not sure why they can’t get the sprinkler heads doing their job….

All good until the fat tire bike became FLAT tire bike at nearly the furthest possible point in the route from Wawa – about 1/2 mile north of Fruitville.  Long story, but made it back to University run/walking with bike when Bing picked me and flat tire bike up for return to Wawa.  I know Sniper had my back, too, but he was still out on the ride when my tire got screwed.  As country singer Tracy Lawrence says, I found out who my friends are.  Love the pax.

While preparing this backblast, I found the title/quote and it struck home. I didn’t have a spare tire.  Very deep…

Brutus OUT.