Hurricane Michael missed U!


Hurricane Mike at a Cat4 just off our SunCoast, 78 degrees, 20 mph breeze and no rain. Great Gloom for a beat down.

With only 6 of us there… the mumble was “we missed our pax brothers”


A lap and a half around the parking lot we went.  btw ….. same rotation as the hurricane. The normal stuff. Butt kickers,Nur,high knees and kerioke.

Warm up

SSH,Windmills, Swimmers, Imperial Walkers and BBS.

The Hurricane Thang

(btw, the Thang had nothing in common w Hurricane Mike.  Just felt like writing Hurricane in)

We started with a 7 witch included leg lifts and shoulder taps.

(notice the word above hinting for Halloween ?) not a typo

We continued the beatdown with a Dora.

100 Burpees

300 LBCs

200 Merkins

While one partner was doing the exercise the other partner was running out to Greenbrook Blvd under the  street light to do 10 Monkey Humpers. (MHs are great for F3 advertising)

The next part of the beatdown was another 7.

Morrocan night clubs and negative crunches.

We had just enough time for a short Round of Mary’s

tree Climbers and mountain Climbers


Nov. 3 team shoot.  Call Sniper if interested

Sniper and his wife have 11 year anniversary coming up (that is a announcement, praise and prayer) Congrats!!!!!


Karen and her cancer.

Ruth and her comfort