Gridlock & his Ma-Homies

Weather: temp 77F and dew point 74F. Yes, still FL humid, so let’s have fun and dew what we can to get better!

Pre-run: YHC and Defib launched at 0344 for a speed workout. We covered about 8.0-miles with 1.8-mile repeats at Half Marathon and 10K pace. We returned to the tower parking lot of pax with a just few minutes to spare.

Welcome: At exactly 0515, YHC burped-up the 5 Core F3 Principles and the disclaimer, then launched the pax into a quick parking lot mosey that included high knees and butt-kickers. Then the pax circled-up for CoP.

Circle of Pain (CoP):

  1. SSH, x30 IC
  2. Imperial Walkers, x15 IC
  3. Strawberry Pickers, x15 IC
  4. Round of “Willy” (if you were there, you know)

The Thang: Mahomes is my 2.0. He struggles with things you and I will never struggle with because of choices his biological parents made. Today, we will work extra hard for people who are challenged in ways we wiil never experience. And, oh, Mahomes’ favorite sports figure is of course MVPatrick Mahomes. So, my Mahomes, helped to build the Weinke.

We headed south of the tower for some fun. The plan was simple: perform 3 exercises, run out to cones at 50, 75 or 100 meters and run back. Conduct a “wait for the 6 exercise.” Rinse & Repeat with a new series of exercises each time. 15 reps of the first exercise because 15 is Mahomes’ #. 11 reps of the second exercise since my 2.0 is 11. 46 reps for the third because Mahomes said so. And then something waiting for the 6 in true Mahomes fashion.

Rd1: 15 Merkins, 11 Get-ups, 46 LBCs, Plank for the 6

Rd2: 15 Bobby Hurley, 11 Body Builders, 46 Moroccan Nightclubs, Reverse Plank for the 6

Rd3: 15 Big Boy Situps, 11 Walk-out Merks, 46 Overhead Claps, Obliques for the 6

Rd4: 15 Heels to Heaven, 11 Scorpions, 46 Freddy Mercuries, Skydiver for the 6

Rd 5: 15 Sumo jump squats, 11 Reverse Lunges, 46 leg lifts, Scissor Kicks for the 6

Rd 6: 15 CDDs, 11 Burpees, 46 Calf Raises, Side Plank for the 6

We finished just in time to do the Bonus Round: Ma-homicides. Run to 50yd, back, 75yd, back, 100yd, back. Everyone survived.

Welcome FNG, Splash Pad!

It was fun.


  1. Volunteers needed for various holiday outreaches.
  2. Ragnar Training ongoing, seeing lots of miles and doubles. Get your training in!
  3. Need pax to step-up and lead some beatdowns, see schedule and sign-up for at least one

Prayer Requests / Praises:

  1. Snapshots M (surgery)
  2. Defib’s neice, Ivy (parents battling addiction)
  3. Injured and fartsacked pax
  4. First Responders

Great job to all pax for making this gloom fun.

“To do what others cannot, do what others will not.”