Ft Hamer Bridge — Another Recon

Weather: perfect (low 60s), zero wind.

Welcome: Lambeau greeted the pax and then we shot the shoot for a few. We said nah to the core principles and disclaimer and away we went.

The Thang: We took off toward the bridge and did bridge repeats. Fellowship pace was there for taking early on and then the pax separated a bit, holding a pace they were comfortable with. An over-and-back on the bridge is right about 1.4 miles, so definitely a good bit of mileage given about 15-20 feet of elevation gain each way.

The pax shared running form, oxygen uptake, various exercises, as well as approaches to running up-hill and down-hills. We even discussed things to do to get rid / counter shin-splints. Shoes were a hot topic as were long-term goals.

With exceptional lighting on either side of the bridge and the bright parking lot, there’s plenty of opportunity for running pain at this AO (don’t mention the hills to the West side of the Bridge). The sidewalks go North, South and West from the park, so plenty of variety available, as well. A trail goes East. Pick your poison.

We circled back up around 6:10 for COT. Surely, a great way to start a morning. Win the morning, win the day!


  1. Bridge A Life Superhero 5k is Sat, Feb 16…have 43 pax signed-up!
  2. 2nd F at Skyline Chili on Valentines Day, 12:30p. Celebrate your favorite F3 Bromance.
  3. Plan is for another session at this soon-to-be AO next week.

Prayers / Praises:

  1. Thankful to have a place to run close to home.

YHC is thankful that Lambeau took the initiative to post and open up the opportunity to other pax. There is an F3 future in store for Ft Hamer Park.