Evening Experiment #2

On another gorgeous Florida evening we gathered up to do another test beatdown for our evening Q.

Coop has done a great job recruiting some FNG’s (Lurch last week and LL Bean this week) who like the idea of an evening option.

After an F3 disclaimer and explanation of F3 we headed off towards Ringling Bridge for our THANG.

YHC decided that even though we were at the base of the bridge there was no reason to use it today and to use the land around it instead.

Started off with a Dora with Coop and Lurch teaming up and YHC and Eddie (no name yet) teaming up for 100 merkins, 200 squats and 300 LBC’s to show the new guys accountability and picking up your 6.

We headed towards to the side of the bridge for a round of sides on the hill next to bridge for squats on the bottom.. nur up the hill… Burpees on the bridge walkway … run down the hill… I think the new guys were getting the idea now… 🙂

Off to the fishing pier for a view of the bay and the bridge from under it

At the end of the pier was a bench so we did 20 step ups and 20 dips

Began the mosy back to start and stopped along the way for 10 American Hammers and 10 BB Sit ups.


Credit needs to go to last weeks FNG (Lurch) for spending some time in the last week thinking about a name for this week’s FNG F3 name (Eddie Bauer was named LL Bean).

Prayers for our armed forces and first responders along with our PAX who are in recovery or need to get out of the fart sack.