Don’t stop in your tracks!

Temp 54 cool degrees.  But it did not take long for us to warm up.

No hill today. Taking a trip around the south lakes.  What a beautiful sunrise.

13 HIM joined us for this beatdown, including two FNG.  5 core principles.

Off we went for a short Mosey south to rise in sidewalk for:
18 SSH
18 Moroccan Night Clubs
18 Strawberry Pickers

We continued for a short Mosey and circled up for:
18 American Hammers
18 LBC

We continued our Mosey to south viewing dock were we teamed up in pairs.
1st teammate dips from benches.
2nd teammate runs to the end of the dock and back, then switch.  Rinse and repeat.

Continue Mosey to the wall.
1 teammate Wall squats, Al Gore
2 teammate Bear Crawls to specific spot.  Rinse and repeat.

Our Mosey continued to the corner
where we did a plank and nur.  All planking in a line, the front man nurs  to the end.  Rinse and repeat.

Mosey for a ways.  I mentioned burpee would be involved at this stop.  This must have awaken the lions as they called for 4 burpees.  We then enjoyed TNT by AC/DC.  Burpee, on TNT and MNC in between.  Fridays beatdown participants did not appreciate

the MNC.  Added 2 more burpees for 18.

Another short mosey to the corner, back in public view, so 18 Monkey Humpers were required.

Mosey back to the flag which included toy soldiers.

Before COT.
Today marks the 18 Anniversary of my heart surgery.   Thus the number 18 was required today.  I was told then that I would need surgery again within 12-15 years.  I did make changes in my diet and have been walking almost daily 3-4 miles.  But since joining F3 and with the urging of my brothers I feal that I am in the best shape of my adult life, and only going to get better.  Thank you all.

This stopped me in my tracks!

Every minute someone leaves this world behind.

We are all in “the line” without knowing it.

We never know how many people are before us.

We can not move to the back of the line.

We can not step out of the line.

We can not avoid the line.

So while we wait in line –

Make moments count.

Make priorities.

Make the time.

Make your gifts known.

Make a nobody feel like a somebody.

Make your voice heard.

Make the small things big.

Make someone smile.

Make the change.

Make love.

Make up.

Make peace.

Make sure to tell your people they are loved.

Make sure to have no regrets.

Make sure you are ready.

Prayers and praises.

Dustin. AAA
Garrett Ranger

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  1. Great job and great message! So excited to see your progress and know it will only get better from here on out!

  2. You’re a solid rock Snapshot! Great job leading Saturday. Between that and the ruck, I put in over 5 miles before 8 o’clock.

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