Directionally Challenged

Weather: 74F and 95% humidity  – otherwise known as “who ordered the cloud”

QIC: Lambeau

Pax: Bing, Deep Dish, Goob

Well, 5:15 snuck up on us and when YHC announced it was time, the rest of the Pax seemed surprised. We headed out for the neighborhoods north of the park and found our way through the gates. Today’s focus for myself was a result of some advice I was given by Ripken the day before: try to slow down and keep the same pace without stopping. In all I had to walk a half dozen (a big improvement) or so times, once just so I could look at the map on my phone as I discovered I was not where I thought I was. Apparently I missed a turn on my way through the roundabout.  No big deal, I kept heading straight and soon met up with the same roundabout so I could head back. In all I completed 2.68 miles.

Once back to the parking lot I walked a few laps until Goob showed up. He had turned around early to head back so he could meet up with his M and 2.0’s for a run. In all he completed 5.25 miles. He mentioned that he too had to check the maps to be sure he was on the correct path.

After Goob left, YHC continued to walk some laps around the lot and began to wonder what had become of Bing and Deepdish. At about 6:13 I finally saw a flashlight coming down the sidewalk along Fort Hamer road. Their route had contained a loop and they somehow missed the exit turn and continued into the loop again. By the time they realized the mistake, their navigation devices were indicating it was 4 miles back.

Not wanting to put on extra miles and be super late at the same time, they decided to head toward Fort Hamer road, as it was close to their current location. Alas, there was a gate preventing them from making it through to the road though. Deepdish channeled his inner soldier and hopped over the gate and encouraged Bing to do the same. Bing was hesitant but finally complied and they then took the sidewalk along Fort Hamer back to the park.

Prayer for Gator and injured pax were given as we swatted away mosquitoes.  Our departure was met with a gourgeous sunrise.

Lambeau out.