Celery Fields is a must!

We started with an easy .29 mile jog up the hill where we circled up for

SSH, strawberry pickers, Imperial Walkers and some bad back stretches.

Next we lined up for some 20 yard Butt kickers,high knees,Nur and kerioke.


The Thang

We started w an 11! American hammer and Merkins.

The 11 was a great warmup for the beatdown… we partnered up and split the following exercises while the other partner ran halfway down the hill and back.

100 Merks

200 Lbcs

250 Moroccan night clubs

300 air squats

After ripping through the Thang we jogged back down the hill for the COT.

Oops, almost forgot the ROAR! Here kitty? 4-5 times for the 4 for the Roar.


Snapshot’s son has 2nd dagree burns on his hands.

Diesel’s Dad is better but not out of the woods

Don’t forget the SUP next Saturday

Great start to the Day.