Camden Celebrates Robinson, Murray and Powell

Because we move from Camden Yards to Benderson next week, we took the last week of Camden to celebrate three Orioles greats. It sounds like a great law firm! Robinson, Murray and Powell. Now I’d put that trio on retainer.

Five showed up for the game, though there was a sort of Fix-a-Flat person sleeping in a Chrysler Sebring in the parking lot. He or she did not get out of the car, so we let that one rest. We knew there was someone sleeping in the car because they had put the car seat next to the car. (Note that we heard stirring only AFTER the workout.)

We started the showdown at 5:16; Papa Smurf was busy talking. The theme of Orioles only carried over into numbers of reps. Baseball is, of course, about math and numbers. So here we go. A note that the theme was almost about the movie Diner, a favorite of Smurf. It might have been a good theme; the movie’s popcorn scene could have related to the pickle pointers, but I thought that would be a bit much.

The Mozy:

A decidedly smooth circle around the loop in front of the Florida Extension office. Usual NUR and disco karaoke to the left and right. A twist was doing the karaoke as we TURNED the corner.

The Thang:

Boog Powell – The first baseman had 303 home runs, and so we went to the pavilion to do 303 individual exercises. That would be 101 incline merkins, 101 decline merkins and 101 LBCs, in any order. It was noted that the Boog Powell barbeque at the Ed Smith stadium is something to be remembered.

Steady Eddie Murray – In honor of his number 33, retired, we did 33 exercises of a number of exercises. We were careful about hammy’s, as the hamstring was the undoing of the designated hitter. The white board weinke showed the group 33 of these fine reps:

  • 33 Mountain Climbers
  • 33 Hammers
  • 33 Flutter Kicks
  • 33 Carolina Drydocks.

Brooks Robinson – This was all about the number 5, a number retired after he left. It was an easy exercise set, and we made it look easy like the long-time player. We should have picked the number 23, as he has the record for consecutive seasons with a particular team. We did 5 runs around the median, with 5 LBCs on each turn.

A Counter Clockwise Sport

Finishing up, we did a round of mary for 10 minutes. We did it counter clockwise, which is, I guess, correct if we are thinking that baseball is played counter clockwise. But perhaps that is too deep of an analysis. However it is notable that baseball is perhaps the only sport where there is a lack of symmetry on the field. Of course it all has to do with people being left or right handed (Robinson was a lefty who threw right handed).


For a family move for Banjo, and family health for Snapshot.

Good work and goodbye Camden. Your ants and wet spots left us dry. Like so many baseball teams, we leave for snazzier and richer abodes, places with soft pavement and cushy amenities. We may be back one day.