weather was outstanding! QIC was Dirt Dart.  Had a total of 14 Pax ready to get after it.    Started out with standard briefing.  Did a mosey with butt kickers, high knees, marching soldier,  karaoke, and lunges.   Transitioned to stretching, SSH,  merkins,  flutter kicks,  and arm circles to get blood flowing for the upcoming Army beat down.

Conducted flutter kicks till only two men left.  Paired men into teams based on order they fell out.  

Mosey to first station.  80 merkins/ squats,  70 wide arm merkins/leg extensions and 60 dips/step ups (partners completed total combined)

Mosey to 2d station:  100 crunch/wall sits, 80 scissors/squats, and 50 leg raises.

mosey to 11 station workout conducted by partners while listening to Army Cadences blaring in the background for additional motivation: shoulder taps, squat walks, lunges, suicides, partner sit-ups, leg throws, medicine balls, jump rope, merkins, rocky sit-ups , and suicides.

circle of trust:  FNGs inducted: Charmin, Dr Junk, Iceman,  South Beach, Axe man, and kung Fu Panda. Explained what BOHICA meant to the civilians in the group.  Prayed and made announcements