Birds of a feather, run together

Weather: 66 and gorgeous

After a little chit chat and and waiting it out to see if anyone was going to come in “hot,” we got under way at 5:17; I need to work on getting this going on time. We covered the five core principles and the disclaimer and headed for the bridge. After complaining of some soreness, Sparky finally pulled out in the lead.

We both proceeded left onto Upper Manatee River Road and turned around at the end of the sidewalk before heading back across the bridge to complete 2 miles. Sparky was able to get 5 laps around the parking lot in before I made it back. We then completed a few more laps around the parking lot, though most of it was walking at this point.

Circling up at the vehicles we chatted some more about friendly topics. Skipping the count and name-o-rama (let’s see, one, two, sparky and you) we mentioned announcements including the upcoming SUP and Run and another run for a camp whose name escapes me at the moment. We prayed thanks for a great morning and our first responder’s safety and headed out to continue with our days.

Lambeau out.