August 3, 1963 Birthday Beatdown

Temperature is a nice 75  Humidity 85%

Today is my birthday.  Born on a Saturday, August 3, 1963.  You know what that means: Presents for the PAX.

Disclaimer and with no FNG’s in attendance.
PAX in attendance: Diesel, Freddie Kroger, Snapshot and Zima.

It was a pleasure for my son Freddie Kroger to join us this morning.  As we started our Mosey, we passed Hotpockets out for a run around the fields.  We mozied to the east parking lot for 10 each of hillbilly walkers, side straddle hops,  and toy soldiers.

I share my birthday with: Martin Sheen actor, James Hetfield musician, John Landis director, Isaiah Washington actor, Marlene Dumas Painter.  A bad joke was made, I apologized.

Tabata: 20 sec work, 10 sec off, 4 minutes total.
Exercise: Plank Jack’s, heals to heaven

The Thang.
We mosied to Center Road to begin our party
Electric Pole Ladder.
Mosey to first electric pole 10 Merkins
Next pole: 20 Freddie Mercury’s
Next pole: 30 Strawberry pickers
Next pole: 40 Squats
Next pole: 50 LBC
Next pole: 60 Dying Cockroaches
Next pole: 70 American Hammers

Prices in 1963:
Avg car $3232.00 – 31352.00
Big Mac $.28- 3.99
Gallon of milk $1.04 – 3.49
Concert ticket $5.50 – 139.00
Record baseball contract 100k – 240 million

Then back down the pole ladder, repeating assigned excercises, only to a 30 count as time was flying by.

I finished with historical facts from 1963.
President Kennedy was assassinated on Nov. 22.
Alcatraz prison closed March 21.
Early Beatlemania, The Beetles released “I want to hold your hand”. They had not even stepped foot in the US yet. Not until Feb. 9th 1964.
Russia sent the first women to space in June.
ZIP codes were introduced.   ZIP stands for Zoning Improvement Plan.

Prayers and praises: Zima’s friend Carry that lost a friend this week.  Freddie Krogers girlfriend dealing with health issues.  Snapshots in-laws and M still dealing with health issues.  Sniper and Hercules who are on thier way to Nebraska with supplys for the devistated farmers there.  And of course our members not in attendance and our military and first responders.

It is always great to lead these HIM through a workout.   I hope they all got as much out of it as I did.

Snapshot ?