A Penny for your thoughts….or for your Casino

In honor of our missing Nantan


Weather: 76 Degrees with Humidity of 86%

QIC: CrabCakes

PAX: Goob, DeepDish, ShamWow, Lambeau

After receiving a text from Bing at 0454 announcing that he needs a new alarm clock YHC decided to take Q responsibility for the most difficult AO in the SunCoast to Q for.

The PAX gathered for the disclaimer and decided we would do the Waterlefe route again today.  As we headed out of the parking lot we decided that today would be an easy out and back run at a comfortable pace.  Well, that clearly didn’t last long as DeepDish, Goob and YHC eclipsed the first mile at 8:32 and then proceeded to drop a 7:58, 7:37, 7:37, 7:48 and a cooldown of 8:28.  Sometimes the feet just feel light and the pavement just passes by a little faster than normal.

Although the pace was quicker than planned the conversation remained steady throughout.  There were many topics covered this morning on the 6 mile journey…..

1.) Bing Oversleeping

2.) Goob’s 2.0 Cross Country Meet tomorrow in Lakeland.  Good Luck Avery

3.) The Olympus/Posh beatdown from yesterday.  Glad YHC missed it……burpees are the enemy

4.) Average Utility Bills.  I think Deepdish is stealing electricity from Mr. Clean, Thor, Sir Wallace or someone is his neighborhood.  I believe he stated his monthly electric bill is below $50

5.) Nevada Casino earnings……..Neveda Casino’s earned $310 million on penny slots in the month of September.  BlackJack was 2nd at $80 Million.

6.) Diets…..plant based, meat based, combination of both and moderation is the key

7.) Game 7 of the World Series and how quickly the game changed


Clay Shoot this Saturday

Care 2 Tri this Saturday

St. Pete Runfest the weekend of the 16th

Prayers and Praises: First responders, Military, All injured PAX, Amazon for the loss of his father, All unmentioned prayers.