A little of Louisville

I decided to bring a little something back from my downstream post in Louisville… masonry blocks.

Started out with a warmup run in a new direction, Dow Palmer. Oh the smell of foul swamp land filled the muggy morning air. A smell of pig farm filled the air, not of the back hill country family farm smells-like-money variety, but that of a stanky industrial slop-filled, fly infested, sh*t-hole type.

Warmups including SSH, Abe Vigoda, runners stretches, arm circles, etc.

The a nice variation of an Indian run, with the last man dropping for 2 burpees while the pax put some distance between them, with a hard sprint to get back to the front. Of course all the while running past the stench of swamp, hmmm smells like Gators.

Choose you friend, some objects are heavier then they appear. 15 upright rows, 15 bicep curls, 15 overhead press. Recover repeat with sets of 10, recover repeat with a set of 5, one more set of 1 (next time we’ll will go 3 then one). …the 15 hand over hand walkover merkins with the block. Adds a nice incline and a deeper dip merkin.

Recover. And a job up the west side hill (it feels a lot longer when you’ve been beat down a little). Found a nice movement in the Exicon called SSACs.. side plank for a count of 15, roll to back for 20 lbc’s, roll to opposite for side plank anothe 15, for to front for 15 merkins… of course repeat…

Last up 21s.. SSH in cadence, with the first 5 Being called out loud and the last 16 in silent unison. Punishment for the group of we don’t all stop simultaneously… which we found out was to be 5 burpees thanks to a little blue guy who will not remain nameless. That’s okay because in Lions’prfasgion they added another 4burpees for a “four on the roar” to take us out!

Prayer request for marriage and the church and the health of our pax!