3rd F BackBlast – Love Dare

We had a great meeting yesterday.  Pops, Shred, Sniper, Sparky, Chili Pepper and me (Ripken) posted; several guys missed to support the new AO at the hill.
We hit the Day on Discipline hard.  Learned that discipline is tough…often harder on us than those being disciplined.  I remember hearing a pastor that had 7 kids says, “Discipline is easy…you must have boundaries AND consequences.  Boundaries without consequences make you a liar (you said you’d do something and then didn’t) and consequences without boundaries make you crazy (no idea why you are punishing them).”  We ended my praying Psalms 139:23-24.  Check it out.
The book is getting more challenging.  We decided to “redo” a week so that everyone could catch up.  Therefore, yesterday was Day 11, today is Day 12.  Next Saturday, we’ll review Days 11-17.  If you haven’t taken the Dare, it’s not too late to jump in.
See you next Saturday at the Alpha Quadrant at 6:15 (not 5:15 like I did this week!)