11’s for Vets

On Saturday, Ripken arrived just in time adorned in red, white and blue to honor those fallen veterans that gave their lives for our freedoms.  That day, we gave just a little of our lives to the hill.

Hot, sticky, and uphill…those were the conditions before us.  We mozied up the long path doing random butt kickers, karaokes, and high knees along the way.

At the top, the COP commenced in Ripken style with jacks-galore…SSH, push jacks, seal jacks, Richard Simmons and even a round of ho-downs…all to an 11 count.  We added some merkins, LBC and Moroccan night clubs (MNC) for variety (because that is the spice of life).  Diesel was heard whining and Condenser was trying to EH passerby’s (his sales skills must not have been well polished).  The Pax didn’t realize that touching your foot during the elevated MNC’s meant a burpee for each touch.  We then did MNC’s on the other foot (which always means the worse foot since everyone always starts on their good foot) and all Pax finished touchless which meant no additional burpees.

Next week did a modified version of an 11 ladder.  Merkins were first, 11, then 22, then 33 at each tree (about 20 feet apart) with bear crawls as the mode of transportation (MOT).  Next were LBCs 11-22-33 and lastly we did side kick outs (which Kotter has aptly renamed to Breakdancers).  MOT was lunge walk.  After each set, the Pax ran to the bench and back.  Double Deuce found a burst of speed.

After this set of 11’s, Ripken called an audible to catch our breath.  Condenser didn’t like that a run was how we were to catch our breath.  Stopping for 11 decline big-boy situps was an epic fail.  Note to self, can’t do a decline big boy situp on a 45 degree hill.  At the bottom of the hill, one Pax would sprint up while the others did SSH while waiting.  When all Pax had finished their sprint, we jogged it back to the top…which sucked.

America Ninja (Warrior) showed up for some kick boxing…jabs, jab/cross, jab/jab/duck under, Superman punch/sprawl/jab/cross then a much needed break.  One more round of front kick/back kick, jab/cross/hook/uppercut.  Merlot was bubbling in everyone’s throat so we did a “COS” circle of suck which included 11’s of the following: getups, peter parkers, and a few others.

With 3 minutes to spare, we headed back to base camp.

Announcements for Homeless Xmas on December 11.  We are putting together 120 stockings full of supplies and having dinner, singing carols and just being men of God to support them.  Planning meeting this Wednesday at Pinchers at 6:30.  We are hoping to raise $1,000 to fill the stockings. Click here to make a donation.

Prayers to add more Pax and more diversity to F3, for Diesel’s wife and we prayed over Lonestar who was going off to a service project.  Thanks to all our vets and first responders, Never Forget!