What’s All the Ruck’Us at Ringling?

Good Morning F3 Suncoast! Waterfront, Paradise, and 47 degrees…perfect for a morning beatdown.

Thursday Morning at Unconditional Surrender in Sarasota. The temps are a cold 47 degrees and the humidity is low for the Gloom. This should prove to be a great morning for the Gloom I have planned for the Pax.

Pre Run Warm Up: I arrive early and start my Pre Run Warm up as usual with a ruck on and get in 2 miles this morning. After this run with a “Heater” on It is no longer cold and I will explain. In the U.S. Army as an Infantryman, a Lightfighter, Ranger and Airborne soldier we Ruck everywhere! The Rucksack is referred to as a “Heater” because as you start to “Hump” A.K.A. Ruck with the weight on your back your core temp will rise, you will warm up and get sweaty in no time at all. So the Pax will not be cold for long this morning guaranteed.

Opening Ceremony: 0515 and we are ready to go. We have no FNGs or PAX from out of town. We go over the 5 core principles, disclaimers, and what will take place today. I explain that we are going to take on the bridge and ruck it from one side to the other trying to get 2.5 to 3 miles in with H.I.T along the way. We have two rucks with us and there are four of us total so I divide us into two teams. Myself and Papa Smurf and Lancelot is with Snap Shot for today’s beatdown. I ask each member for a number between 10-20 and then total the numbers, divide it by four (we are 4 in the workout) and that is total of reps everyone does during the workout.

The Thang: We ruck up and start to slowly double time to the bridge. We do an Airborne Shuffle and the pace is set by the rucker who has the additional weight. At our first distance stop the “Rucker” performs squats (Rucker always does squats for simplicity and control) and then tells the teammate what exercise to perform i.e SSH, LBCs, Merkins, etc. We switch rucks and start to run again and when we stop we perform the squats for the rucker and provide an exercise for the team member. This continues over and over again as we cross the bridge and then return to our start at UC. As we come back over the bridge it is obvious nobody feels the temps anymore as cold, everyone understands the term “Heater” and all is right this morning after the ruckus at Ringling.


  • Grow Ruck is coming think about attending a function and take the challenge.
  • Snipers clay shoot this Saturday
  • Get ready the season is here for 5K Races, Spartan, Go Rucks and all sorts of activities to continue strengthening the mind, body and fellowship in the Suncoast PAX

Praise and Prayers:

  • Snap Shots M for a speedt recovery
  • Pax members in need and in pain
  • First Responders, LoF and our Military

Thanks again everyone for coming out this morning and remember, “If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you will keep on getting what you get, Embrace the Suck!! AROO!

Coop out