Wet Air at the Lions Pride


Mosey-up the side of the hill to our usual warmup up locale.
Warma Rama:
-Morrocan Night Clubs. 20 IC
-side straddle hops 15 IC
-yoga pose stretches
-leg extensions with crunch 10 IC
-slow bicycle stretches.

The Thang:
-mosey to Mother Hill
-hillside suicide ladders: two marks placed on hill roughly 1/3 and 2/3 of the total. Starting at the top of the hill, mosey to the first marker, on your backs with feet downhill straight legs and hold 6”off ground while waiting on the six, then 10 leg lifts IC back to the top. Into plank and wait on the 6, 10 merkins IC. Done the hill to the lower marker, repeat downhill leg lift routine back to the top- merkin routine. Down to the bottom, recover, then 10 dips on the fence IC. Repeat routine back up the hill. Merkins at the top. Leg lifts on the hill and dips at the bottom.

Round of Merry at the top.

Another Hillside Suicide Ladder (less the intermediate exercises)

Round of Merry

Circle of trust
Count off
Name a Rama