V-Day Lion Parade

Lions roared as 4 Pax gathered at the foot of Mother Hill for a beatdown led by none other than Yo Yo Ma. On this fine Veteran’s Day, the beatdown was indeed a sufferfest in honor of, albeit inferior to, the sacrifice of those who have served for freedom.

Kotter led a mosey into warmorama ’round the shovel flag.

The Thang

Yo Yo Ma presented an F3 classic, the Bataan Death March with 4X4s in substitute of Burpees to open the beatdown. 4 rounds of the Bataan Death March, that is… Despite the initial torment of being left behind by pax to drop and complete 4X4s, a few rounds in saw Kotter and Sledgehammer hoping against hope for their turn to drop and do 4X4s instead of continuing to run.

The fun was yet to be over and followed with partners completing 4 rounds of the following:

  • Carolina Dry Docks while partner 1 runs clambers up Mother Hill
  • Partner Merkins 10
  • Air Squats/partner runs MH
  • Partner Merkins 10
  • LBCs/partner runs MH
  • Partner Merkins 10


  • Welcome FNG, Mike Hammer, AKA “Diesel”
  • Praise for Sledge’s family
  • Prayer for Diesel’s wife’s back
  • Prayer for country and Vets
  • GoRuck event F3 team to be organized for late January or February; Kotter will bring further details

Many thanks to Yo Yo Ma for stepping up to VQ this gloom.