The “Lancelot”

QIC:  Chilipepper


15 Pax in Attendance:  Goob, Ace, Stage Coach, Sir Wallace, Defib, Steel, ShamWow, Papa Smirf, Puck, Brutus, Lancelot, Ripkin, Dasani, Trump


A bit on the light side for NBP.  Did the chilipepper scare them away?  5 Core Principles were recited and Mozy!!  Butt Kickers, Nur, Nur hgih seenk and side shuffles were performed.  The PAX was then introduced to coupons and they were transported to the tower.  We then circled up and proceeded to do some SSH, Pickle Pointers, Strawberry Pickers and Homer to Marge.

Thoroughly warmed up and ready to go, The Pax were grouped in groups of 3 or 2.  We proceeded to place our pavers in buckets (40 pounds recommended, though yours truly ventured to 45 and 50 pounds) and it began.

The “Lancelot”!

  1. Pax 1: bucket up the tower alternating grip at each landing
  2. Pax 2:  400 meter run around the tower and tents
  3. Pax 3:
    • 20x American Hammers
    • 20x Leg raises
    • 20x LBC’s
    • 20x Heel Touches
    • 20x Crunchy Frog

Rinse and repeat for a goal of 4 rounds.


Prayers & Praises

  • Ripken’s father in law, dealing with cancer
  • Trum, his mother and family
  • Amazon’s, recovery
  • Father Steve (Bing’s brother and Shamwow’s 2.0) recovering from large intestine surgery.
  • Brutus’s friend, recently widowed visiting.
  • Lambo and his Funk.
  • First responders, police, firefighters and troops