Round Robin at Celery Fields

Temp 64 and breezy.  Nice morning for a three man beatdown, Diesel, Snapshot and Steel.

Diesel started off with a mosey down Palmer Blvd with high knees, butt kickers, carokee each way, and nur.  We then did some ssh, strawberries,  and stretching.   Back down Palmer with toy soldiers, hillbillies, and nur.

Snapshot took us up mother hill for a Dora.  We did 300 of meraccan night clubs, lbc’s, squats, and Freddie Mercury’s.   We each took turns running grandmother hill.

Steels turn.  Started with 30 plank jacks, gmother.  30 pj, 10 release merkins, gmother.  30 pj, 10 release merkins, 20 fire hydrants,  gmother.   30 pj, 10 release merkins, 20 fire hydrants,  10 burpees.

We finished up with 10 minutes of a round of Mary on the benches including dips, step-ups, decline and incline merkins, heels to heaven, and stretches.

Lion count: 1 for 4 burpees.

Announcements: Turkey trots, Ragnar and other runs.

Prayers for our hurting M’s and all first responders.

Snapshot ?