Record Pace

Weather was a beautiful 68 degrees

With the recent time change it was nice to have some daylight during our ride. The sun was breaking the horizon as we headed off from Wawa with 3 Pax ready to break a sweat and burn some calories. Recently we had some near misses with dead squirrels, tires and a pack of deer that could have turned ugly. We made our normal trek southbound on Lorraine to Fruitville, back north to turn eastbound University to the dead end.  We made the turn around and I heard Pincher say something about a record pace and keeping our MPH above 21. We turned on the gas as we continued westbound University turning northbound Lorraine. We made it back to Wawa safe and sound with all 3 dripping of sweat. There were times I thought it was raining during the ride only to realize it was Drakes sweat pelting me. Pincher informed us it was a record pace ride as we averaged 21.2mph. Finished with a COT thankful for a safe ride, speedy recovery for Ripken and for God’s blessing for the elections in putting Godly people in positions for our country,states and cities. Great push guys!