Nothing too fancy

The hill was well lit from the nearly full moon on this chilly gloom. Great conditions for the pre run options. Four Pax were on duty, present and accounted for at 0700 sharp. After some mumble chatter and a quick disclaimer the Pax took to the hill for a little mosey. Slater attacked the west face of the hill like a lion on the hunt; gains worth noting, brother!

Approximate .6mile mosey led the Pax back to square one. This Q laid out the agenda for the day with the emphasis being- no man left behind and accountability. Total 5k done traversing the hill.

The thang:

Total distance to be conquered- 5k at 6’s pace

4 stations dedicated to upper body push work to break up the 5k run.

Station 1-20 shoulder taps

Station 2-20 merkins

Station 3- 20 dry docks

Station 4- Pax choice on push work modality

Rinse and repeat for 5k distance.


Healing for Diesel and M, Big Apple’s mother-in-law and also M, and for all injured Pax.

Defib’s dad (Mark) for acceptance of the free gift of salvation through the Lord, Jesus.


God Almighty for blessing us with the ability to improve our mind, body and spirit through F3 and the brotherhood there-in! All glory to the Lord, Jesus.

Thank you for the hard work, men!

Your brother in Christ,