I always thought excess moisture was a good thing………

Weather: No Idea because it’s not on my Strava did they stop reporting it?…..felt like low 70’s with relatively tolerable humidity

QIC: CrabCakes

PAX: Gridlock, Defib, DeepDish, Sir Wallace, ShamWow,

Welcome Sir Wallace to Fort Hamer.  As Gridlock and Defib returned from their pre-run the PAX circled up and reviewed the 5 core principles and the decision was made to head North to Waterlefe for an easy out and back totaling 5 miles.

As the PAX headed over the bridge the discussion turned to the number of lawsuits facing J&J recently regarding opiods and Baby Powder.  An explanation of the Baby Powder lawsuits was provided and it was explained that there are women who believe that their Ovarian cancer was caused by the use of Baby Powder.  One of the PAX inquired as to why women would be using Baby Powder.  It was explained that Baby Powder has moisture drying abilities and that some women suffer from excessive moisture.   This brief overview led to the statement of the run by DeepDish…”I always thought excess moisture was a good thing”

I know I’ve lost your attention so I will let you know that the PAX hit the 2.5 mile mark in Waterlefe and returned to the Parking lot to conclude the run.

Announcements:  St Pete Run Fest weekend of 11/16, Ragnar shirt order window closes tomorrow

Prayers and Praises: First responder, Military, All injured PAX, All PAX who decided to Fartsack(Bing), and the family of the young 15 YO that passed away on Manatee Road as a result of the hit and run accident.