High points at Five points

The 3 amigos made it out of this Fart Sack the AM.  With a small PAX we decided to do a FUN RUN.

Running and stopping to torture each other.  The Pax set off in a blaze running to five points for a 5 lights at five points bear crawling.

The Thang:

  1. bear crawl first light 25 merkins bear crawl then 25 merkins bear crawl back.
  2. bear crawl and 25 Peter Parkers
  3. bear crawl and 25 flutter kicks
  4. bear crawl and 25 jump squats
  5. bear crawl and 25 LBCs

We made a command decision to play triple check;

1st man runs the five point loop

2nd man dips

3rd man incline merkins

We ran 3 rounds of the triple check

Pax ran to the next loop for 2 round of triple check

1st man runs the loop

2nd man baby pull ups

3rd man decline merkins

The pax running strong at this point were able to finish 2 rounds.

The Pax lined up for pole to pole lunges

10 All American Hammers

20 squats

30 LBCs

40 ?

50 All American Merkins


What a blessing we have this thing called F3; where we can connect, love and serve our fellow man.  Today we talked about becoming a blessing in someone’s life.   I love the ability as we push ourselves to also be able to talk about our faith and not be shamed or censored.  We finish with: it starts with us showing up as men of faith.  Gods wants us to be wealthy, healthy and full of abundance so we can give it away in his name.  This was the thoughts I was having as the pain sets in and my monkey mind shuts off.

  1. Lead yourself
  2. Lead your family
  3. Lead a movement

Be super today!!!