Ground and Pound

With a cool breeze in the air and my left foot aching we set off on a mosey.  During the mosey I realized my foot needed a break from running so we turned to the ground and pound game.

When feet hurts use arms.

2 laps of mosey than circled up for the fallowing:

20 SSHs

5 minutes of  30-60-90 leg raises

10 merkins

The Thang;

Teamed up for the partner Grinder

line up on a parking line 10 merkins bear crawl to the next line 10 LBCs continue until the pax made it the last parking line.

Next Grind;

Partner leg toss 10 bear crawl to the next line for partner merkins on top of each other, we made it back to the start line.

Now on to 4 square;  25 merkins lunge to the next corner 25 mountain climbs bear crawl to next corner for 25 flutter kicks than lunge to the next corner for 25 jumps squats.  We completed 2 rounds of 4 corners.

The curb crawl:

Line up in the plank with hands on the curb, I called left/right or halt when we were in the halt we had to complete 25 LBCs than back on line.  We did 4 rounds of the this the pax was getting a little grumpy so I decided to end with 4 rounds.

Men every time I lead I discover new power or insight about myself and my leadership.  Today I had to call the audible for my foot is on the verge of being a real problem.   But as my pax members pointed out one gloomy day “Do Your arms still work?” well than suck it up and march on.  Now from the ground and pound Q my arms are smoked.

Men’s retreat is coming this weekend I will be there!!!

Thanks to Kotter for leading, I still can’t believe he is still in his 20s way more advanced than myself at that age.

Thanks for Mad Dog for taking us out!!! nice work Devil Dog

Have a super day