“GOOD” Beatdown 10.8.19

Temp: 74, Cool. Low humidity

As the PAX rolled in and comments were made about the “Cool Florida morning” the mumble chatter was questioning how the northern folks cope with the winter beat downs. And by northern, we’re talking MI, OH, PA… you know, wind chill, snow drifts and frozen snot rockets kind of cold. Some of you can relate.
I digress…

The Warmup
A Mozy around the parking lot that included butt kickers and high knees.
We circled up and did some ham string stretches, Michael Phelps, and a few windmills to get loosened up… as we would need to be good and loose for the THANG.

Before we headed down to the base of the tower, YHC addressed today’s message… which was “GOOD”.

This came from a motivational training I lead at work the previous week. Some of you may know the story of Jocko Willink. A retired, highly decorated Navy Seal who served 20 years as commander and has since gone on to found a management consulting firm named Echelon Front. He also hosts a podcast in which one of his “episodes” is titled “GOOD”.

The general premise is this:
Any time you are discouraged, frustrated, disappointed, etc… the first thought you should have is “GOOD”. For every bad thing that happens, every-time something goes wrong there is something GOOD that comes from it. It is up to you to find that.

Jocko says “When things are going bad, there’s going to be some good that comes from it. Didnt get the new high speed gear we wanted? Good. Didn’t get promoted? Good. More time to get better. Mission got canceled? Good. We can focus on another one” (Video Below – HIGHLY recommended watch)

The message for the beatdown was “When it starts to hurt…good. You’re getting stronger” and for the rest of your day, when things are going sideways, Good. Learn from it. Pivot and find the good.

Moving on-

PAX partnered up. One PAX would run from the base of the tower to the end of the “runway” and back, while the partner PAX would do as many reps possible of given exercise. Collectively between the two PAX they would achieve the rep goal, and begin the next exercise.





At 6:00a sharp we circled up and counted off 14 HIMs and name-o-rama.

Coffee at Starbucks on Fruitville for some 2nd & 3rd F

Praises & Prayers:
Praises as Shamwow’s Son (Bing’s Brother) has returned safely and is recovery from his recent surgery and prayers for a speedy and complete recovery
Prayers for Snapshot’s wife as she is undergoing surgery
Prayers for Defib and his family as they navigate the process of potential adoption and family hardships
All unspoken prayer requests

Hundreds of reps completed, and for most over 2 miles ran. Great work today gentlemen. Thank you for the opportunity to lead and hopefully inspire today.