Get Swole!

April 8, 2020  0615 hrs
VQ= Sir Wallace

PAX= Ripken, Wolverine, Trump, ChiliPepper, and Shamwow

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Meeting ID: 360 795 631

Password: 202020

F3 Core principles presumed.


no mosey: in place at your own pace, 16 high knees, 16 buttkickers, 16 SSH, 16 jump squats, 16 mountain climbers, 16 shoulder taps, 16 heals to heaven, 16 American hammers, 16 Carolina dry docks.

Okay shake yourself loose and get ready for the Swole!



This virtual beatdown plan is made up of 9 exercises using dumbbells, try and find a comfortable weight (I used a set of 20 pounders and it was just right)… to perform 12 reps of each exercise followed by shadow boxing, then repeat for 5 supersets.


Dumbbell Squat: 12 reps




Bicep Curl: 12 reps ( with 1 second holds at the top )




Reverse Flye: 12 reps

Wide dumbbell press-up: 12 reps



Renegade Rows: 12 reps ( each arm )



Woodchop: 12 reps ( each side )




Triceps Extension: 12 reps ( each arm )



Dumbbell LBC’s: 12 reps



Overhead Press: 12 reps ( perform slowly: 3 seconds up/ 3 secs down )




*shadow box: 80 total punches ( jab, cross combo) Then repeat the entire series for a total of 5 supersets.

*total of 540 dumbbell reps and 400 punches!



perform at own pace 40 Freddy Mercury



announcements: congrats to Trump on the New House!

praises: big thanks to all the pax for the prayers this week, super awesome!

prayers:for healing for Bubbles’ busted up foot and FIFA for restful sleep. Also, to chilipepper’s M.

May God pour out His blessings in abundance to all of you. Stay safe.