Ft Hamer Run

Weather: 74 degrees, 83% humidity


YHC arrived a little before 5AM and found Lancelot’s car in the lot. After two laps around the lot to warm up I headed North at 5AM and came across Lancelot returning from a 3 mile run. We both headed North for 7 1/2 minutes and then returned to the lot to find Deepdish, Goob and Crabcakes waiting. We were under the impression Bing was Q (though I have verified that indeed it was Rowdy who is on the schedule) and we waited for him to arrive until 5:17 before heading out for the bridge.

Goob and Deepdish ran 6 miles while Lancelot and Crabcakes got 5 miles knocked out. YHC finished just over 2 miles.

Announcements included the new AO starting in St Pete this week. Crabcakes asked for prayer for his wife and kids as they head to Massachusetts to visit family and Goob mentioned the family he knows who lost a son in a bus accident in Peru. Goob has a couple job interviews coming up, including one for the position he is really keen on.