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Well as the Camden Yards HQIC (head Q in charge) this mornings work out was run by me as Flash Dance was stuck out of town.

The weather was a awesome 62 and a slight breeze gave us a false sense that we wouldn’t sweat or butts off. But little did we know my workout was going to kick our butts.

The warm up- a short jog around the parking lot with high knees and karaoke to get us warme up. During the circle up we did side straddle hops, strawberry pickers and merkins.  Then I had to quickly figure out how to inflict pain on the rest of the pack

The thang- We  ran to the pavilion where we split into teams of two and each team had a station for the workout. As one team memeber was doing the exercise the other was on a run from the pavilion to the bathrooms (approx 80 yards) and back. The runner would tag his team mate and take off for the run while the other completed the exercise. Once the second runner was back and the 6 was in, the teams would rotate to the next station.

Each stations exercise was 25 reps

Station 1- Decline merkins off the table

Station 2- Step ups on the table 25 each leg

Station 3-  ???? Can’t remember but it was good.

Station 4- Freddy Mercury’s

Rinse and repeat

Staion 1 and 2- Both from the station had to pick up the table together and either do squats or shrugs.

Station 3- Dips

Station 4- LBC’s

And if that wasn’t enough, I called out 5 burpees before we started the round O merry.

Then we each took a turn calling out an exercise for the round O merry. After this we made our way back to the parking lot just in time to hit 0600.

We circled up for prayer request and announcements and  concluded with a prayer by me. For a thrown together workout it was a good one if I do say so myself.