Cinco De Mayo – F3 Style

“Weather is here … wish you were beautiful” — Jimmy Buffet

Weather was Beautiful … Warm yet breezy !!! PERFECT !!!

The Pax gathered at the knees of Mother hill where the disclaimer and Core values were discussed :

Complimentary (Free)

Outside rain/shine

Rotates with members taking the ‘Q’

Ends in Circle of Trust (COT)

Studs (Men Only)


Mosey up and around Lions Pride for a beautiful look at the Sunrise coming over the Serengeti (we know as Big Cat Habitat) … We were all hoping that the Beasts had already been fed as to not endure “Four on the Roar” (when the lions roar … PAX stops and does 4 Burpees) … on yea and in honor of Cinco De Mayo an extra burpee (5) will happen when they speak.

As we gathered to warm up in circle formation and in cadence we did:

  • SSH (20)
  • Windmills (10)
  • Imperial walkers (10)
  •      “Five on the Roar”
  • Hillbilly walkers (10)
  • Bad Back Stretches

WE then mosey backed down the backside of Lions Pride to grab the gear and waters … Straight up run into the bowels of Mother Hill back to the top where 5 cones were placed in ten yard increments …

In honor of Cinco De Mayo we chose 5 exercises to perform with a mode of transportation from cone to cone as follows:

  • Merkins then Bearcrawl to each cone for more merkins for 5 cones then bearcrawl all the way back to the start
  • Squats w/ lunges for 5 cones then lunge all the way back
  • 5 burpees w/ NUR for 5 cones then NUR all the way back
  • LBC’s w/ crabwalk for 5 cones then crabwalk all the way back
  • Carolina Dry Docks w/ frog hops … you know the rest.

That was the “Party” Portion of the day … and with every Cinco De Mayo there will be the “Hangover” The real pain!!!!


The “HANGOVER” …. was as follows

The pax gathered at the crest of Mother Hill looking down into the bowls of uncertainty. The PAX began continuous exercises as one by one, each member had to descend to the bottom of the hill to a designated point then immediately run back to join the continuous group tagging the next member in line … the exercises included LBC’s, mountain climbers, SSH’s, Moroccan night clubs. At the conclusion … the entire PAX descended to the bottom and then NUR’d back to the top (GRRRRR)

Gathering our gear we moseyed back down to the parking lot for a round of Mary

  • American hammers
  • Flutter kicks
  • Wide stance squats
  • Freddy Mercuy’s
  • LBC’s
  • SSH’s

3 “5 on the Roars” were squeezed into the morning festivities!!!

Prayer request for Diesels father who fell and is in the hospital after surgery for a brain bleed.