Board of Picnic Tables

Date: 7/27/2020

Weather: 76 degrees, clear & humid

QIC: Manziel

Pax: Brutus, Bubbles, Crabcakes, FIFA, Lancelot, Manziel, Trump

Unlike what’s usually the case on Mondays, the pax who showed up at AP weren’t doing much complaining before 5.15. That could have had something to do with the fact that under the pavilion, the Big Giant Board of Pain (the supersized version of the one you’ve all come to know and love) was already hung up on one of the posts, with the day’s activities covered up. Why waste the energy complaining when there’s a big, bad, ugly board that you’re going to have to deal with?

After a half-hearted run through the core principles and disclaimers (no FNGs or anyone close to it), we set out on a mozi with butt kickers, high knees, carioca x2 and toy soldiers. The COP featured side straddle hops, strawberry pickers, hillbilly walkers, windmills and maybe some other things (no one can remember by this point, and unlike Bill Walsh, I don’t script my first 15 plays).

Now time for the big reveal of the big board of pain. Unlike most days, when it’s in the hockey rink, the board was in the pavilion because a number of exercises would take advantage of the picnic tables. It’s really too bad that Big Mac wasn’t there, because no one takes advantage of a picnic table quite like him. Anyway, as usual with the board of pain, there were a total of 10 exercises, sorted into groups of 2. Do the first 2 exercises, run a lap of the parking lot, come back and do the first 2 and the next 2, run again, and keep going until you’re all the way through the board. Today’s board featured the following lovely exercises:

  1. 40 Shoulder Taps
  2. 40 Calf Raises
  3. 35 American Hammers
  4. 35 Overhead Claps
  5. 30 Incline Merkins
  6. 30 Step Ups (15 each leg)
  7. 25 Tricep Dips
  8. 25 Carolina Drydocks
  9. 20 Big Boy Situps
  10. 20 Monkey Humpers

YHC must have been doing something right because this quickly ended the lack of complaining, although YHC was quick to blame Bing (not there to defend himself) because of the excessive amount of bear crawls and salsa dips that he was responsible for at the end of last week. Fortunately 6:00 rolled around to put an end to all of the suffering, except that brought about by the mosquitoes.


  • New AO at Heritage Harbor starts tomorrow
  • Tour ends Saturday at Ft. DeSoto
  • Sign up for the F3 10-year convergence

Prayers & praises

  • Police, firefighters, troops, first responsders, doctors & nurses
  • Bubbles’ M, going back up north where they’re convinced that anyone with a Florida license carries cooties
  • Injured pax