Bears, Beets, & Bataan Death March

Conditions: Hot; what more can I say?

I could have sworn that the gloom came earlier today than usual for YHC as I hauled myself out of the comforting, blissful, and clutching arms of my fartsack and headed to the Celery Fields for an edifying 6:15 Killing Kryptonite discussion. Almost immediately upon arrival, as if sensing our presence and eager to exploit their privilege, the lions began to roar, and our muscles tensed with a mixture of dread and anticipation. The joke was on them though, as 7 AM had not yet arrived. So we thumbed our noses at them and settled down to some good caffeine, courtesy of Kotter, and quality encouragement and discussion.

Soon enough 7 AM came around and the rest of the non-fartsacking PAX came in. After disclosing the core principles and telling everyone they can’t sue me, we began a short mosey around the parking lot. Upon arriving at Base Camp at the bottom of Mother Hill, we picked up a few sandbags and began a rucking version with them of the Bataan Death March.

As we began up the west side of the Mount of Sarasota, it became clear to YHC that I should have given more thought to order and structure for this version of the March. However; in spite of some confusion, gasping for breath, and dark mutterings from those of us with sandbags, we made a circuit around half of the Mount with all PAX more or less intact.

Following this, we partnered up back at Base Camp and began the meat in the March sandwich. While Partner #1 Bear Crawled 3/4 of the way up Mother Hill, Partner #2 remained at Base Camp and did the first exercise in the following lineup for the duration of said Bear Crawl:

  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • LBFCs
  • Al Gores
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • PAX’s choice

When Partner #1 got back, he switched places with Partner #2 and did the first exercise while Partner #2 did his Bear Crawl. Upon finishing the first round, we then moved on to the second exercise and Bear Crawls, and so on. It was during this portion of our Beatdown that the lions got their Four on the Roar revenge and pawed their noses at us with a few roars.

While Bear Crawling beside one another, Kotter had put a word of helpful advice in my ear for our last March, and with another word of helpful advice from Sniper, we set out on a far more successful March. This was yet another ever-present reminder for YHC that good leadership involves the humility and openness to input and advice from others. Shortly before we set out, we also picked up a FNG (Friendly New Girl), Elastigirl, who later expressed interest in a Sarasota women’s F3 division. Still having time left till the end after our March, we finished up with a Round of Mary and closed up with our CoT.


  • Operation Sweet Tooth Back to School supply drive is currently going on. If you’d like to help, bring school supplies to your beatdowns to give to the Q who will give them to Bing.
  • The upcoming races: Fort Hamer Bridge Run, Mud Titan, & Siesta Key Tri
  • Our new AO, Unconditional Surrender (half-running/half bootcamp), officially launches next Thursday at Marina Jack’s in front of the… Unconditional Surrender statue


  • Kotter’s friend, Justin, and his wife, with the marital crisis they are currently going through
  • Praise for the recent birth of Top Cut’s son, Stetson

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  1. That 67# sandbag spent way too much time on the ground today.

    Also, note to self: be sure to be doing bear crawls when the lions roar, because burpees on an incline are much easier.

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