And then there were three…

In the humid gloom, YHC, Clutch, and Papa Smurf met to accumulate some miles and complete some exercises.

The Thang

We began with a mosey, interspersed with some running drills.

At the base of the bridge, the pax circled up for a quick warmorama consisting of:

  • MNCs
  • Windmills
  • Merkins
  • Side planks

Then, the trifecta proceeded to run the bridge, stopping every fourth of the way to complete one core exercise in the following order:

  • Leg Scissors
  • LBCs
  • Hello Dollys
  • Absolution (LBC/Leg Lift/BBC)

At the other side of the bridge, after absolution, we tackled the tough part of the workout:

  • 5 Lt. Dans (Lunge/Lunge/Squat)
  • 5 Merkins
  • 5 Lt. Dans
  • 5 CDDs

**Repeat for distance**

YHC completed around 6 total rounds to complete the distance.

We then finished with a returning run, also interspersing core exercises every quarter of the way, with an all-out sprint to the top:

  • LBCs
  • Leg Scissors
  • Bicycles

Pax completed the 2.5 mile run together at the six’s pace.

Announcements/Praise & Prayer

  • Clutch’s son is recovering and looking hopeful
  • Papa Smurf and M approaching 28 years of matrimonial bliss. PTL!


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  1. 3 is better than some of the solo posts I’ve done, but this AO will catch fire soon. I plan to post next week, but downrange today and tomorrow. Great beatdown!

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