a-DORA-ble (No OYO)

Weather: 03/07/20, 50 degrees, clear sky and gorgeous Saturday morning for a beatdown, fellowship and FAITH strengthening!

QIC: Wahlburger and Lambeau

Pax: Lambeau, Drake, Ripken, Bing, Aquaman, Rowdy, Yamaha, 8-ball, Sir Wallace, Woodford, Recall, Maui, Trump, Shamwow, Cottontail, Brutus, Coach, LT, Bolt, Dash, Stagecoach, Freon, Trane, Nitro, Mr. Clean, Lambeau, Gerkin, Ricky Bobby, Crabcakes

At 0700 hours we took a mosey around down the sidewalk to the bridge and back.   Mosey included, karaoke, butt kickers and high knees, backwards run

included the following:

  • Cherry Picker
  • Agitators
  • Michael Phelps
  • Forward and reverse arm circles

The Thang: An a-DORA-ble beatdown led by Wahlburger in honor of (No OYO)

The beatdown consisted of a Dora where one partner did the assigned exercise while the other partner runs, exercises as follows:

  • 300 Angle GrindersApollo Ohno – Bound hops for 50 yards, 50- yd sprint, jog back
  • 250 Flutter KicksHigh Knees for 50 yards, 50-yard sprint, jog back
  • 200 Aussie-BurpeeKaraoke for 50 yards, 50-yard sprint, jog back
  • 150 Smurf JacksButt Kickers for 50 yards, 50-yard sprint, jog back
  • 100 Mountain ClimbersBackwards Run for 50 yards, 50-yard sprint, jog back

The beatdown ended at 0800 hours for COT.


  • GrowRuck – Get registered
  • SUP Run May 30th
  • Gator Wilderness Run
  • Ronald McDonald House


  • Hunter DiFilipo and his family for his sudden death at 22
  • Recall and his M to have the words and voice needed for the keynote
  • Sarah and Lori with their cancer treatments
  • Ricky Bobby and his M for their move to Sebring
  • Rowdy and his future M
  • Rowdy for full time mission work
  • Gerkin’s son Justin and continuing to stay clean
  • Wilson and his M for their giving hearts and provisions and blessings

Awesome PAX of 31 on a gorgeous Saturday, thank you for the opportunity to lead!