A Chilly NBP Workout

A crisp, windy and “Florida” chilly 38 degrees workout quickly began, no reason to stand around and get colder, with a Mosy around the bridges.

Our chilly “Warm Up” began with

Strawberry Pickers 10c

SSH 10c

Windmills 10c

Squats 10c

We headed off for a run around the tree loop stopping about every 1/4 mile to do 20 Merkins and 20 Shoulder taps, extending the loop by heading over to the pavilion to do 20 Merkins and 20 Shoulder taps with our feet elevated.

Jogged back over to the Finish Tower for some “Stairway to Heaven” exercises.

We ran up and down the stairs stopping at each floor to do 10 Moroccan Nightclubs and 10 Imperial Walkers.

Once up the stairs  was not good enough so we did 20 Monkey Humper’s  on the bottom and  20 Carolina Drydock’s on top.

The view was so nice from the top we decided to run back up to the top one more time to do a round of Mary where we did, for those counting that was 60 sets of stairs.

Something Ripken made up – not sure what to call it… 🙂 40c

American Hammers – 15c

Freddy Mercuries – 20c

LBC – 10c

Squats 20c

Prayers and Praises for our PAX members including Sniper’s dad, Ripken’s son, Mr Clean’s mom… and all the others going thru medical and personal issues.


Everyone please come out and support the surprise VQ tomorrow at Greenbrook Park at 7am.