Cold, wet, dark…and I’m not talking about a Chick-fil-a chocolate milkshake.

Given the frigid (for Florida) temperature of 44˚ at the start with a light rain to boot, we headed for the shelter of the bus loop after a short mozy.  Ripken was so cold, his brain forgot to include any warm-up, and we got to work right away.  No worries, we quickly shed hats and outer layers….

Three rounds running from one end of the loop to the other.  30 reps, then 25…down to 10.  At the other end, 10 up to 30.  100 reps total of each exercise.

Round 1 – Push up jacks (these suck!) & basketball jump shots

Round 2 – Cliff climbers & big boy crunches

Round 3 – Crab foot to knee & bear crawl boxes

A round of Mary’s and that’s all folks.  Some prayers for a couple pax’s marriages, Mr. Clean’s mom, Franklin and all those fartsacking.  While the weather wasn’t ideal, we praised God that it wasn’t snowing, sleeting, hailing or worse.  As Red says, “Get busy livin’ or get busy dying.”