Started w Mosey which included: high knees, karaoke, back peddle, and butt kicks.

The Friday Gloom warm up included… windmills, p90 shoulder stuff, Moroccan night clubs, SS hops, Merkins and finally BBS (bad back stretches).


The Thang:

Time to grab some sandbags and head to Sniper Hill for some teamwork!

100 Burpees while partner carries sandbag up Sniper Hill and at top nails 10 Burpees w or wo sandbag and then back down SH to hand sb back to partner and Finnish The burps.

Repeated  w 200 Merkins

Repeated w 300 LBC

Repeated w 200  air squats

Done (finnished)



keep them toys coming?



Good luck to our Pax brothers participating in the Ragnar!

Mr. Cleans Mom and all the Pax family.