1 week post Easter Monday

QIC- Goob

Pax-    hopefully many of you.  I miss you guys.

5 core principles-

  • Free
  • Outdoors
  • For all men
  • Led in rotating fashion
  • Finish in a COT

So, in complete transparency, this workout is ripped off with a couple of modifications.  My buddy Jody (Jody Mills @f3Beano) up in Chapel Hill, NC led this workout a little over a week ago on Good Friday.  They used the names of 12 disciples to create a beatdown.  I modified two of the exercises to add my flavor.  The message behind it is fantastic; the beatdown itself, sucks.  It’s never too late to enjoy Easter and Resurrection Day.  Don’t let the feelings from last Sunday fade.  He is Risen.


  • short mozy to include NUR, Buttkickers, high knees, and side shuffle (each direction)

The Thang-  (x 3)

  1. Bartholomew-  Burpees (x 10)
  2. Philip- Parker Peters (x 10 [count 1 side])
  3. James- Jump Squat (x 10)
  4. Andrew- Alternating Shoulder Taps (x 10)
  5. John-  J.A. Merkins (x 10) **[push-up directly into a donkey kick]
  6. Matthew- ManMakers (x 10)
  7. Peter- Peter Parkers (x 10 [count 1 side])
  8. Jude- Jumping Jacks [SSH]  (x 10) IC
  9. Judas- Jump Lunge (x 10)
  10.  Simon- 1 suicide
  11. James- Jack Webb (10 total- *10 push-ups, 40 overhead claps)
  12.  Thomas- Track (one, 400 meter lap)


Extra Credit:

  • 50 big boys situps
  • 3 minute plank

**I miss all of you guys.  The fellowship.  The drive.  The fun.  Push yourselves today, and everyday.


  • All first responders, all of the time
  • All prayers on our list
  • Defib in NJ
  • Heather
  • All those affected by Covid-19
  • Local, State, and National Leadership as they made decisions daily
  • You and your family
  • Lori and Sara
  • Ben (Goob’s boy)


I’m humbled to post.  Goob out.