Update to the schedule

With our continued growth, it is exciting to announce a number of changes to the F3 Lakewood Ranch schedule.  Our full schedule can be found at http://www.f3suncoast.com/schedule

Be sure to check out all three F’s!

Updates to the first F:

  1. All early gloom beatdowns will not start at 5:15a.  This will allow for more time to return home and be an impactful part of getting the 2.0s off to school and getting ready for work.

Updates to the 2nd F:

  1. Our Saturday 2nd F at Wawa has been added to the schedule.  This has been a great time to chat with the fellow pax outside of a beatdown setting.
  2. We will be adding a monthly lunch/happy hour at Pinchers in Lakewood Ranch. Stay tuned for the lauch day.

Updates to the 3rd F:

  1. The Love Dare for Parents has just kicked off.  Feel free to join even if you have missed any of the sessions.  It is easy to catch up!
  2. The Christian Atheist discussion has also started.  Be sure to join us and be a part of a powerful conversation!

I am every proud of the growth of our Pax, but even more proud of the Pax stepping up to sharpen iron in more than just a fitness way.